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We installed the liner today - it is very good quality and cut exactly to the correct shape and size - fantastic!



Process from excavation through to install & finally, after a couple of years - looking stunning!

Forestry Pond Liner
Forestry Pond Liner

AquaMark Liner material is a food grade (AS4020 potable water certified) supported liner material suitable for use in a wide range of water and effluent containment and storage applications.  Ideally suited to prefabrication of liners for transport to site and installation with minimal skilled labour required at the installation site.


AquaMark Liner is lightweight and flexible & extremely tough.  Equally suitable for dam and pond lining as well as a highly durable tank liner with a 20 year UV warranty and high tear strength, AquaMark Liner provides a lining solution in agricultural, industrial and mining applications.


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Pond Liner Construction
Pond Liner Construction
  • 400gsm Polyproylene - light weight enabling large liners or liner sections to be prefabricated for speedy installation
  • AS/NZS 4020 approved for contact with potable water - ideal for grey, black and potable water storage applications.  One liner material suits most applications
  • Environmentally friendly Polypropylene - both the manufacture and eventual disposal of the 100% recyclable material ensures minimal impact on the environment with no chlorine or heavy metals in the production of the product
  • Tested to 39m waterhead (400kPa)
  • High strength material with durable layered technology supported by high strength woven base material
  • Watertight joints are achieved utilizing double weld heat welding
  • Conforms to the seepage requirement of less than 0.1mm/1cbm per day
  • Generally, any liquid with a pH in the range of 6-8 is able to be in contact with Aquamark. pH of 4 & less is not suitable. Between pH 4 & pH 6, you will need to seek advice from us as to suitability.  If the storage requirement is above pH 10, Aquamark is not suitable. Between pH 8 & pH 10, you will need to seek our advice.
  • 20 year warranty against UV degradation
  • For a full list of chemical resistance, please email us.




Pond Liner Tasman
Pond Liner Tasman
  • Agricultural - dam liners, effluent and wash down containment ponds, tank liners, channel lining
  • Viticulture - contain grape marc & other waste
  • Horticulture - dams & ponds for water supply
  • Industrial - bunding liners, effluent ponds, water storage and containment
  • Building and construction - storm water containment liners, water storage, tank liners
  • Aquaculture - fish and crustacean breeding ponds, bio fuel production ponds
  • Lifestylers - store water - less stress in summer for stock water & firefighting
  • Forestry - fire fighting water storage





So long as there are no sharp objects (rocks, roots, etc.) in contact with the liner, a Geomembrane underlay should not be required.


If you do get a hole in your liner & want to repair it yourself, please follow the directions below:

Use Butyl tape: Cemix Peel & Seal Waterproofing Tape.

Best way to use Butyl tape:

  • Clean area with Jiff, scrub hard, area must be clean and dry before adding tape.
  • Butyl tape must be warm, best to use on a day over 20 degrees, needs to be sticky before applying.

Measuring your liner

Measure following the red line in the diagram below

  • Trench - the bigger the dam, the bigger & wider the trench will need to be - speak with your contractor
  • Slope of walls - usually around the 1:3 ratio - the larger the dam, the longer the walls - speak with your contractor
  • We are liner experts so make sure you seek advice from a civil contractor first - they are the earthworks & design experts

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