Flexible Tanks / Bladders

New Zealand-made using top quality European fabrics, flexible tanks are economical & easy to use. Our flexible tanks can be specified for potable water & a range of fuels including Avgas & Diesel.  Proven over 25 years & used throughout the world.

  • Tanks erect as they fill & are collapsible & foldable, making them easy to store & move elsewhere
  • Simple pillow shape for stationary storage
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards from specialised heavy duty fabrics
  • Available in different sizes & configurations to suit your requirements

Design Features

  • Easy to transport & self-erecting
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Quick to deploy
  • Highly durable - clean & re-use
  • Withstand repetitive handling
  • Repairable

Tank Fittings

Tanks are supplied complete with:

  • Inlet fitting - each fitted with a nylon ball valve & male camlock x one
  • Outlet fittings - each fitted with a nylon ball valve & male camlock x one
  • Vent overflow fitting with male camlock & dustcap x one


  • Protective Ground Sheet
  • Can be supplied with specific labeling/branding

Water Tanks

  • Manufactured using high-tenacity reinforced polyester coated with potable water grade PVC or Polyurethane. Fabric is suitable for short or long term storage

Fuel Tanks

  • Manufactured from military spec fuel grade polyurethane suitable for hydrocarbons

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