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New Zealand-made using top quality European fabrics, flexible tanks are economical & easy to use.

  • Tanks erect as they fill & are collapsible & foldable, making them easy to store & move elsewhere
  • Simple pillow shape for stationary storage
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards from specialised heavy-duty fabrics
  • Available in different sizes & configurations to suit your requirements
  • Proven over 30 years & used throughout the world

We sell three different types:

  • Flexible Bladders for stationary potable water storage
  • Marine Water Bladders for storage on yachts, launches & commercial vessels
  • Marine Fuel Bladders for storing auxiliary fuel for extended voyages on yachts, launches & commercial vessels - NOT for permanent use 

Design Features

  • Easy to transport & self-erecting
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Quick to deploy
  • Highly durable - clean & re-use
  • Withstand repetitive handling
  • Repairable

Flexible Bladders - Stationary Water Storage

Tanks are supplied complete with:

  • Inlet/Outlet fittings - each fitted with a nylon ball valve & male camlock 
  • Screw cap inspection & cleaning access fittings
  • Automatic Over-pressure relief valve
  • Designed with common components that can be separated for maintenance

Optional Accessories

  • Protective Ground Sheet
  • Specific labeling/branding
  • Carry Bag/s
  • Repair Kits

Marine Water Bladders

  • A range of shaped pillow bladders - recommended to provide support for all sides
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • Manufactured using high-tenacity reinforced polyester coated with food grade Polyurethane. Fabric is suitable for short or long term storage
  • Supplied with inlet, vent & outlet fittings
  • Additional water storage, replacement of existing water tanks or grey water tanks


Marine Fuel Bladders

  • Manufactured from military spec fuel grade polyurethane suitable for hydrocarbons
  • Only for auxiliary/extended voyage tanks - NOT for permanent use
  • All tanks must be transported 100% full, then emptied into the vessels main tank in one go - no partial unloads
  • Any tanks involving petrol must be stored on the deck or on deck in an open cavity
  • For diesel tanks they can be stored in open or enclosed cavities, however if they are to be stored below deck, we suggest this is in an engine room or compartment away from any living quarters to minimise odour intrusion.
  • Three styles - Bulwark, Freestanding & Cavity

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