Culvert Duct

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Portable Watercourse - Culvert Flume

 Cost effective, simple solution to prevent erosion


Our culvert ducts are made in our factory in Nelson and we are able to provide lengths to suit with a rapid turnaround time.

  • Stop scouring by directing water away from erosion-prone ground to a harder surface
  • Flexibility of PVC reduces water flow
  • Available to fit 100mm - 900mm plastic, steel or concrete pipe. Custom sizes and colours also available
  • Constructed from top quality 690gsm Ripstop PVC fabric
  • Simple and quick to install with stainless steel clamps
  • Welded construction for strength, durability and waterproofing
  • Reinforced top edge to prevent fabric fatigue
  • Option of eyelets or shorteners (to hammer waratah through) for secure attachment to the ground
  • Stainless steel clamps also available

Fabric Properties

Weight 690gsm
Base Cloth Polyester 1100 Decitex
Weave 1 x 1 per cm
 Coating PVC paste coated
 Surface Finish High gloss ROWACRYL protective finish
 UV Stability AS2001.4.21
 Tear Strength 700/600N
 Tensile Strength 2800/2300N
 Adhesion 90 Newtons per 50mm minimum
 Flexing 400,000 cycles minimum AS1441.6
 Ease of Repair PVC is very easy to repair on-site if necessary