Hot Mix Covers

NO MORE heavy, stiff, hard-to-handle hotmix covers!

“We are really happy with the new asphalt covers. They are so easy to pull over the load because of their light weight but appear very strong as well.” Simon Marshall. Owner. Nelson Earthworks



Minimise your Health & Safety Risks by switching to our EASY CLEAN silicone asphalt covers.

  • Asphalt resistant truck cover fabric is made from a high tenacity polyester cloth coated both sides with black silicone
  • Very good mechanical resistance
  • Lightweight, facilitates installation and handling
  • Resistant to Extreme Temperatures from -70°C to 200°C permanently remaining supple and intact
  • Easy to clean even with solvents
  • The non-stick surface prevents asphalt from sticking and hardening the fabric
  • Protects against heat loss during transportation
  • Reflects the heat from the asphalt downwards, preventing condensation
  • Resistant to hydraulic oils, diesel, solvents, alcohol, sulphur acid and ammonia

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