Velcro Logistrap


You can start using VELCRO® Brand Logistrap® from the moment your goods are received.  After conducting your initial inspection, simply rewrap the goods with Logistrap to safely transport the pallet. Awkward or unstable items can be provided with extra stability through the use of just one Logistrap®.


Unlike stretch wrapped goods, items on pallets can be identified from a distance because there is no stretch wrap blocking the view.


A single item can easily be picked by and elevated or
ground level staff member - simply loosen the Logistrap®, remove item, secure strap and go. Comparing this to a conventional stretch-wrap process, it takes a fraction of the time.


Compared to metal or plastic bonded straps, or stretch wrap, Logistrap® saves literally tons of plastic wrap over the course of a busy year.  Plastic wrap that stays out of our landfill.

We also stock the following velcro tape:


Sew-on Velcro

25mm black, beige and white

50mm black and white

100mm black and white


Stick-on Velcro

25mm black and white

50mm black and white


We can also get any type and colour of velcro in for you on order. Please enquire.

Velcro Logistrap Brochure
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