Problem with moisture causing mildew & odour under your foam mattress?

Hypervent is the most practical prevention of dampness under foam mattress in boats, motorhomes, caravans & even at home.


Hypervent is a spun polymer woven into a large breathable matrix on fabric approximately 20mm thick.


Hypervent works by creating an airspace below the mattress that allows the condensation to escape.


Hypervent is not just for boats.  It is also used on airplanes, campers, motorhomes, mobile homes, houses, apartments & dog beds - just to name a few.


Hypervent also works well under cans & metal containers to prevent rust & around bilge pump intakes to prevent clogging.


The Hypervent matrix is 95% open, allowing warm air to circulate between the mattress & its base & thus prevents condensation.


Hypervent comes in a width of one metre & can easily be joined to any size using adhesive applied to a 50mm fabric overhang.  It can be ordered cut to any length.




  • The semi-rigid structure elevates bedding 20mm & allows nearly unobstructured air flow under the mattress
  • Easily cut with large scizzors into any shape & size
  • Excellent durability; will outlast any mattress
  • Lightweight & flexible enough to fit through tight passages
  • Virtually maintenance free: easily cleaned with soap & water
  • Unaffected by extreme temperature

Get rid of condensation!

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