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Are your balls just hanging around & getting in everyone's way?

After much discussion I came up with the idea of getting all the balls in the house into one sack & hanging it on the wall.

Instead of the kids rummaging around in cumbersome netting bags or baskets to find the ball, they just reach straight in & grab the one they want!

Made in our factory in Nelson, this ball sack is environmentally friendly & super tough too - it's made out of our commercial shade sail off cuts - it won't get saggy as it gets older.

Size is important - without handling it too much I did manage to measure 70cm high by 68cm across by 39cm deep at the bottom.

Don't know how many balls will fit in - we only had 15 balls in our house & there was still room to spare.

Get one today & get your balls under control!

$99 plus postage

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