Cleaning & Protecting Furniture

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When cleaning and preparing your patio furniture, it’s important to always use the correct tools. You’ll want to select products that can both clean and protect your outdoor furniture against harmful environmental factors, including soil, bird droppings and sun degradation. In addition, you’ll want to use products that are versatile enough to be used on a wide range of indoor items too, such as your living room sofa. Follow these easy steps and you should have no problem getting your patio ready to go!


303 Fabric Cleaner Spray
303 Fabric Cleaner Spray

Clean all Surfaces

Start by vacuuming or brushing off any loose debris from your furniture. To quickly and safely remove any stubborn stains from your outdoor furniture, apply 303 Indoor & Outdoor Furniture Cleaner. The cleaner is suitable for use on many materials commonly found in outdoor furniture, including plastic, vinyl, resin, metal, teak, all-weather wicker and powder coated frames. Simply spray the cleaning solution on each surface, and use a soft-bristle brush to agitate the surface.  Then just rinse, and repeat if necessary to remove any really stubborn stains. It is safe for all water-safe materials and will make your outdoor furniture shine like new.

303 Fabric Guard
303 Fabric Guard

Protect Fabric Surfaces

Fabric surfaces are the most delicate and vulnerable elements of your outdoor furniture. If you want to protect them from water and other stains, you can apply 303® Fabric Guard . This product is especially designed to keep fabrics fresh, soft and breathable, while also providing a powerful water-repellant coating. It also helps to prevent stains, keeping fabrics crisp and clean. Just spray 303® Fabric Guard over the material in a well-ventilated area until it is evenly wet and leave to dry for 6 – 12 hours. 

If you properly clean and protect your furniture throughout the year, you can be sure that it will look great and last longer!

303 Outdoor Furniture Protectant
303 Outdoor Furniture Protectant

Protect Hard Surfaces

Once you have properly cleaned your furniture and let it dry, you will want to protect it from the elements. Applying a product like 303 Indoor/Outdoor Protectant to hard surfaces will help repel dirt, stains, and make future cleanings much easier! Originally designed for aviation use, this quality water-based protectant will provide a beautiful finish on a huge variety of everyday items, including outdoor furniture and equipment. It contains no alcohol, petroleum distillates or harmful silicone oils, which can dry out surfaces or leave them feeling greasy. It also prevents discoloration and cracking while drying to a clear matte finish. 

Q: When should I retreat my fabric with 303?

A: There is no set time frame for when Sunbrella fabric should be retreated with 303 Fabric Guard™ Quite simply, Sunbrella fabrics need to be retreated with 303 when water stops beading on the face of the fabric. While the original fluorocarbon finish on Sunbrella fabric is designed to last several years, you will need to retreat the fabric if you use strong chemicals such as bleach or acetone to remove mildew and other set-in stains.

To test if your fabric needs to be retreated fill a small spray bottle with water and spray it on the fabric. If the water beads, there is no need to retreat the fabric. If the fabric wets out, it’s time to retreat.

To apply 303 Fabric Guard™, clean your fabric and allow the fabric to completely air dry. Follow the instructions on the 303 container and apply two thin, even coats in a well-ventilated area, allowing the fabric to dry completely in between coats.