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Heavy Duty PVC Dive Bags

Peg or Fishing Tackle Bags

Custom-made Bags

Heavy Duty PVC Bags

Heavy duty PVC all-purpose bags, useful as dive bags, tool bags, team sports bags or storage bags. Available with straight or curved heavy duty zips as pictured above. We stock the sizes listed below but for bulk orders, other sizes can be made. 


We can get them branded which is great for sports teams.


These are made in NZ - we have sold them for well over ten years to many industrial users like the high voltage maintenance teams.  We are now selling more & more to sports teams as well.


Stock colours:   black, red, green, blue, orange or yellow.


$135 inc GST for small straight zip - 760mm long x 300mm wide x 280mm high

$170 inc GST for large straight zip - 930mm long x 325mm wide x 325mm high

$180 inc GST for large straight zip + waterproof flap - 930mm long x 325mm wide x 325mm high

$190 inc GST for curved zip - 1000mm long x 380mm wide x 360mm high


Printing from $9 per print plus a one-off set-up fee.


I have dragged my bag around the world many times now & it's still surviving the gentle handling in the airports!!  I got a little hole in it from one trip so brought it into work, welded a little PVC patch on it - easy as.  Your local canvas shop is more than capable to do this if you do get a hole.


Custom-made Bags

We make a variety of bags to order.  You pick the colour and style and we can make it for you.  Bags can be made out of a wide range of fabrics from PVC through to coloured and patterned acrylic canvas - it all depends on your style, budget and needs! Why would you go custom-made? Because either the bag you got originally with your equipment was crap quality & fell to bits or you can't get the bag you need.  Custom-made costs more up front but over the life of the bag, it's SO much more cost effective.


An example of some of the bags we have made:

  • Gun bags
  • First aid pouches
  • Aircraft wheel storage bags
  • Pole bags
  • Technical instrument bags
  • Tool bags for high voltage electrical workers
  • Yachting bags
  • Lifejacket flashlight pouches
  • Surveyors tool slings

Peg Bags or Fishing Tackle Bags

We used to sell these only as pegs bags however they seem to have been snaffled by others in the family because they make good bags to put your fishing tackle in & then rinse it all off. Hence we make a variety of colours now!


We make our peg bags out of top quality acrylic canvas with shade sail bottoms which allows the water to drain away.  These fabrics are the same as we make all our products out of so we know they last in the New Zealand sun & weather.


They have webbing straps and a clip at the top to hold them securely on the line.  They make excellent gifts!

Drop us an email or pop in to our showroom & pick one (or three) up!


We make these from off-cuts to reduce our waste. 


Please email us for our current selection of colours.


Only $35 each (+ $5 shipping).