How much does it cost for a   shade sail?
For the home, our custom made, quality and stylish   shades vary in price as each job is different. Depending on the size/shape of shade, number of attachment points, fittings, poles and site considerations we suggest you budget around $1500 as a minimum.
What about strong winds?
Our high quality fabric shade sails can withstand most wind as long as the tension has been set. We use only the best qualilty stainless fittings to ensure the strength and longevity of your new sun shade system. We stand by our workmanship and product.
Is a shade my only option?
No, we can make PVC clear covers to enclose decks or porches. Just check some of our handy work at the 'Boat Shed and Boat House cafes on the Nelson water front as examples of enclosed decks which can be opened up at anytime to suit your requirement. As we custom make everything we look forward to the challenges of finding an "outdoor fabric solution" for you. 
How long does it take to install?
Once we recieve confirmation we usually take 3-4 weeks to complete. In the high season of summer it can take 4-5 weeks due to demand.
Is my shade sail waterproof?
No, Shade cloth is porous so rain filters through, but with light drizzle this process may take up to an hour.  Having a well thoughtout 'pitch' can also keep you dry longer.
Waterproof fabric is available if it is a 'must have'. It is more costly as the structure needs to be considerably stronger to
accomodate this feature.
Will it fade?
Most colours have a 10 year UV degradation warranty, however red may begin to fade after 3 years. We have a huge range of colours and options for you to choose from to compliment your home!
Do I need an installer?
These systems are under more tension than most people realise. It is a technical process with specialist tools to successfully erect it correctly. To get a safe, effective finish and a look that the neighbours will admire it is best you let us take the stress out it for you and complete the task. We will quote, advise, install and 'make you look good' for the summer!

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