Horizontal Roller Screens

Roll In, Roll Out!

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These screens roll out horizontally on stainless steel wire guides (or without wire if that is preferred) - ideal for an area that you only want to shade for part of the day - when the sun is out, roll the blind out. When you want to enjoy the sun or are heading back indoors, roll them back in. 



Simple, good looking and robust - customers who have installed these blinds have loved them!

Note about these screens.  They are not motorised & they hang under your pergola or between the poles if you only have poles.  You have the option of running them along wires or just suspended freely between the supports. They do not sit on top of the pergola.


There is a simple, three stage process to these screens.  You roll out the screen to the approximate length that you are needing to attach at the other end, you pull the aluminium bar out & attach the hooks at the other end & then you back-wind the gearbox to pull the fabric tight.


If you want a motorized, push a button type canopy, please click here to see the Omega Retractable Shade.

Caring for Your Shade

To care for your shade panels, wash with a gentle soap solution using a soft brush & rinse with a hose.  Please do not use leave-on chemical products or a waterblaster. They may damage the fabric.