We supply a variety of marquees & canopies ranging from freestanding PVC canopies, to custom-made canopies to instant, pop-up canopies.

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PVC Canopy Marquees

On the sports field, at exhibitions and at field days, you can attract attention with your own canopy. A customised canopy will promote your brand while it’s providing an excellent hospitality area or covered trade display. 


Image Projection

A high profile canopy sets your image above the rest. These canopies stand head and shoulders above regular marquees, projecting your innovative image, unique logo and identity to the public.



Canopies are made from acrylic-coated, polyester reinforced PVC fire-retardant fabric specially treated to prevent moisture wicking.


Tensioning System

The all-welded fabrication, anodised aluminium poles, passivated pegs, polyester guy web and double purchase tensioning system ensure high quality and long life.



The 8m x 6m canopy complete with pegs, poles, walls and carry bags is easily transported in the average size hatchback.


Quick to Erect

Lighter than a conventional marquee, with fewer poles and a simple effective tensioning system the easy to follow layout plan makes for speedy erection. An 8m x 6m canopy can be erected by two people in less than 15 minutes.


Easy to Clean

The acrylic lacquered PVC surface can be readily cleaned with mild detergent or 'Fleetwash' vinyl cleaner.


Custom Colours

As well as our range of standard colours, Structurflex canopies can be manufactured in custom colors to match your company's identity or branding.


Available in three standard sizes:


5.5m x 4m (30 people)

8m x 6m (50 people)

12m x 9m (100 people)

Pop-up Instant Marquees

If you’re looking for an instant marquee that will brave the harsh weather of NZ and the often restricting requirements that can come with hosting an event, our range offers a brilliant selection for you to choose from.


Crafted from high quality materials to ensure durable construction, our instant marquees can cater for a variety of outdoor applications – from corporate events to social functions, we’ve got a wide range of marquees for you to purchase.


Deployed in an instant, our pop up tents offer a convenient option for your needs. Featuring attractive finishes and the option for custom branding, our instant marquees also excel as a brilliant marketing or promotional tool for your corporate occasion.


Custom Jobs

Basically - we can make anything.  We have made a conscious decision to only use the top quality fabrics that we know will last, and get solid back-up from our suppliers.  We've been around long enough to know what to use. We're more & more believing that you may pay more, but it lasts - it doesn't take up space in a landfill within a couple of years, it doesn't look disgusting after only 12 months of use & it actually costs less over the medium to long term.  We usually get a minimum of 10 years & up to 20 years out of our fabrics.