Calf / Sheep Shelters

NZ Wide for over 25 years

"Great product. 2nd year using calf shelters and calves love them. Easy to put up and pack up. And after market service has been fantastic for any issues we did have with our 5 shelters!!" Million Springs Farms

Our very popular calf shelters are made to protect your calves during the important months when they are being hand fed and raised.  We have been making them for over 25 years and frequently have farmers buying one in their first year and then after finding them very effective, buy more the next year.


We had one client in the other day who has had his for over 20 years - he's coming in for another - the old one is still going - tatty but still standing!


Buyers have also used these for sheep & goats although the goats like to use them as trampolines which is really cute until they break a pole & it all ends in tears.

  • Light-weight, yet strong
  • Easy to erect and to move about
  • Proven over 10 years of hard use

Previous buyers of our calf shelters tell us how much the calves enjoy these shelters and how well they do as a result. The low height of the roof keeps the calves warmer compared to an open shed, helping to increase growth rate.


Available in 5 lengths:

55 calves – 6 bay – 10.8m long

45 calves – 5 bay – 9.0m long

35 calves – 4 bay – 7.2m long
25 calves – 3 bay – 5.4m long
16 calves – 2 bay – 3.6m long 

(number of calves is approximate as calf breeds vary in size)


"I didn't think the calves were going to use it but they love it.  Highly recommend to anyone rearing calves". Janine, Ruawai



The calf shelters are made in a durable  HDPE fabric that will give at least five years of service under normal conditions. We've had feedback from several past customers recently that theirs are over 10 years old & still going strong (one at over 20 years!!).  Had one in for repairs (15 years old) the other day where a wild stag had come down from the hills & decided to put his antlers through it - a couple of patches & off it went again.  Fabric was still looking really good.


They come with all necessary parts for easy erection including the poles, ropes and the pegs. All you need are two warratahs, spraypaint (for marking holes in the ground), a crowbar and a sledgehammer. 


Easy to set up, move around, dismantle and store.  When the calves have made a mess, easily move it to a new, clean location.


If you require through ventilation at the back of the shelter, you can cut the lacing twine in half & lace from the bottom & then tie off at each side about 200mm from the top - this allows the rear wall to flap down & let air in.  


Made in Nelson in our factory, we also use pegs and poles made in Christchurch. The heavy duty polyethylene fabric is made in Australia so is great for our extreme UV conditions.

"Good quality calf shelter, withstand any weather. So good we are buying another one!" Ben, Takaka



"Pissing down outside but no one wants to come out for their milk " Kurow

"All fed and gone back inside!" Kurow

Customer Feedback

nicki191 (25 )  

awesome trade, calves are really happy!

"Have used a calf shelter for the last three years - the calves love it and its really warm inside even on on cold day." Anne, Braeburn

Fabric Properties

  • Weight 306gsm
  • Base Cloth UV Stabilised HDPE
  • Coating UV Stabilised LDPE
  • Wing Tear - Warp 228/254N
  • Wing Tear – Weft 252/354
  • Tensile Strength - Warp 1502/1646 N/50mm
  • Tensile Strength – Weft 1606/1675 N/50mm
  • Burst Strength 3175kPa

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