NZ made for over 30 years


Our very popular calf shelters are made to protect your calves during the important months when they are being hand fed and raised.  We have been making them for over 30 years and are consistently having customer feedback of how well the calves do as a result of our shelters.


The low height of the roof (1.2m) keeps the calves warmer compared to an open shed, helping to increase growth rate.


  • Light-weight, yet strong
  • Easy to erect and to move about
  • Proven to last over 10 years of hard use


Available in 5 lengths:

55 calves – 6 bay – 10.8m long
45 calves – 5 bay – 9.0m long
35 calves – 4 bay – 7.2m long
25 calves – 3 bay – 5.4m long
16 calves – 2 bay – 3.6m long 

(number of calves is approximate as calf breeds vary in size)

The calf shelters are made in a durable HDPE fabric and come with all necessary parts for erection including the poles, ropes and pegs. All you will need is two waratahs, spray paint (for marking holes in the ground), a crowbar and a sledgehammer.


Easy to set up, move around, dismantle and store - when the calves have made a mess, move it to a new, clean location!


Our shelters are made in our Nelson factory and can be shipped to anywhere in New Zealand.

"Looks like it's going to blow away but the wind just blows over it, flexes the tunnel, and calves are happy on the inside. The tunnel was still all intact and standing the next morning." 


"Calf shelters by TM Covers, Nelson, NZ Many thanks for making our calves happy and healthy"

Fabric Properties

  • Weight 306gsm
  • Base Cloth UV Stabilised HDPE
  • Coating UV Stabilised LDPE
  • Wing Tear - Warp 228/254N
  • Wing Tear – Weft 252/354
  • Tensile Strength - Warp 1502/1646 N/50mm
  • Tensile Strength – Weft 1606/1675 N/50mm
  • Burst Strength 3175kPa