Gone are the days when you only have the choice of manual roll-up screens – with these screens you simply turn the removal handle to wind up or down the screen, or you can opt to have them motorised and raise and lower them with the press of a button.

Wind-up Screen
ZipTrak Screen
Wind up

How do they work?

Screens are wound up or down either with a removable crank handle or if motorised with a remote.

Once wound down, they can be secured by locks and then back wound to give a smooth, tight finish to the screen ensuring you are warm and protected.

These screens are all purpose, external screen systems designed in New Zealand for our ever changing weather conditions. With various component combinations available, manual or automated operation and a vast range of fabrics to choose from, you can be sure to find a stylish solution for any residential or commercial space.

We have many options available so get in touch and we can discuss the best screen for you!

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