Our shade sails will provide you with many years of use, enjoyment and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays – they are even available in waterproof fabrics.

Unlike fixed structures, they will shade you in summer and, when winter comes, can be easily removed to allow the sun in.

Shade sails are tensioned fabric membranes that, whilst functional, can be angled, overlapped, joined, shaped and twisted into a virtually limitless variety of soaring, sleek forms.

Our sails are tensioned very tightly to ensure they do not flap and that water runs off them. Shade sails need to be sloped for efficient water run off – which direction they slope is dependent on where the wind and sun are and also where you want the water to run to.

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Escape the sun with our shade sails – specifically designed and engineered for your particular space.

Fabric Options

Shade Cloth – This is the traditional option with shade sails. The fabrics we recommend have a manufacturers warranty for 10-15 years. Some of the brands we carry are fire resistant – if this is required by you, please ensure you inform us so we can point you towards those fabrics.

Architectural PVC – Architectural PVC fabric is waterproof, which also means it requires more slope than shade cloth to ensure the water does not pool on the shade sail. It is a heavier weight fabric and therefore needs a more robust support system to attach to. Architectural fabrics have a limited warranty of between three and five years although in reality, a much greater lifespan is achieved given normal wear and tear. Most of these fabrics are fire resistant – please advise us if this is required.

Repairs, Cleaning & Removals

While your shade sail is able to be left up year-round, removing it in the winter months is a great way to extend its longevity. This is also an opportunity to carry out regular cleaning, checking and repairing.

We provide a service of removing sails, cleaning and checking them, repairing if necessary and then reinstating when required.

Please get in touch for pricing of this service.


How much does it cost for a shade sail? 

Each job is different and the price varies depending on the size, shape, number of attachment points and site considerations. We offer a no obligations site visit and quote – get in touch to arrange this.


What about strong winds? 

Our high quality shade sails can withstand high winds as they are highly tensioned. We use only the best quality stainless fittings to ensure the strength and longevity of your new sun shade system.


Is a shade sail my only option? 

No – we have a wide range of products available, if we do a site visit we can make recommendations for you.


How long does it take to get a shade sail? 

Once we receive confirmation we usually have a 2-3 week turnaround. This time frame can extend over the busy periods but we will be able to advise you of this upon enquiry.


Will it be waterproof? 

Shade cloth is typically porous so rain filters through, but with light drizzle this process may take up to an hour. Increasing the slope in the design can keep you dry longer. Waterproof fabric is available as an option but the structure needs to be considerably stronger and requires a minimum of 20% slope to ensure there is no risk of water ponding.


Will it fade? 

Most colours have a 10 year UV degradation warranty, however warm colours may begin to fade after 3 years.


Can I self install? 

These systems are highly tensioned. It is a technical process with specialist tools – to get a safe, effective finish we recommend getting the sail installed with our team. We may involve a builder if attachment points are required on your home or a landscaper for the poles.

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