Made with asphalt resistant fabric – high tenacity polyester cloth coated on both sides with black silicone. This fabric is lightweight, which facilitates installation and handling. Resistant to extreme temperatures from -70C to 200C, permanently remaining supple and intact. Easy to clean with solvents and the non-stick surface prevents asphalt from sticking and hardening the fabric. Asphalt covers reflect the heat downwards, preventing condensation and protecting against heat loss during transportation. Our covers are resistant to hydraulic oils, diesel, solvents, sulphur acid and ammonia.

Our asphalt covers are custom designed to suit your requirements.

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Minimise your Health & Safety risks by switching to our easy clean silicone asphalt covers

Need Repairs?

Get in touch – we can assess your cover and recommend whether the fabric is repairable or due for replacement.

We can also replace any missing eyelets or cover ties you may need!

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