Our cost effective, customisable, simple solution to prevent erosion

Portable Water Course

Our culvert ducts are manufactured in our Nelson factory and we are able to provide lengths to suit with a rapid turnaround time.

  • Stop scouring by directing water away from erosion-prone ground to a harder surface
  • Flexible top quality PVC reduces water flow
  • Available to fit 100mm-900mm plastic, steel or concrete pipes
  • Custom sizes and colours available
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Option of eyelets or shorteners (to hammer or waratah through) for secure attachment to the ground
  • Stainless steel clamps also available

Fabric Properties

Weight 690gsm

Base Cloth Polyester 1100 Decitex

Weave 1 x 1 per cm

Coating PVC paste coated

Surface Finish High gloss ROWACRYL protective finish

UV Stability AS2001.4.21

Tear Strength 700/600N

Tensile Strength 2800/2300N

Adhesion 90 Newtons per 50mm minimum

Flexing 400,000 cycles minimum AS1441.6

Ease of Repair PVC is very easy to repair on-site if necessary

Mask group (5) (1)
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