On any given day, we may be making food safe covers for a food processing plant, tank liners for dairy effluent tanks, repairing coolstore doors, making sports safety nets, or making blackout covers for an aquaculture facility – our work is incredibly interesting and varied.


Custom Commercial Covers

Our fabric is tough and lasts in harsh conditions, whether it is inside a factory environment or out in the weather – we design it to fit properly, look great and do the job required. We’ve been doing just that for over 35 years.

We can make a cover to protect any part of your equipment, whether indoor or outdoors.

From RT covers to diggers, tractors and bulldozers, we are specialists in making covers that fit the item and we can do them in a colour that suits your corporate identity. ID card holders are a common item we make for industrial and marine users.

Our fabrics are tough, waterproof and UV resistant to protect your expensive equipment for many years.


Sports Covers

Safety Mats – We can make new safety mats or re-cover your old mats.

Post Safety Pads – We make protective pole pads for all types of sports from netball courts to skifields. We can either supply the whole pole pad or re-cover the foam in your old pads and these are able to be shipped all over New Zealand.

Cricket – From cricket sight screens to pitch covers, we’ve made them all over the years.

Sports Safety Nets – From back drop nets and side nets on hockey practice area to cricket nets and safety nets – we are happy to work with you to achieve what is required.

Custom Sports Covers – Stretcher covers, sandpit covers, sports bags, marquees, bike covers, microlite covers – you name it, we can make it.

Need repairs?

We are happy to help!

Pop into our showroom or flick us an email and we can get your covers operational once again.

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