Spa Pool Covers

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We supply new spa pool covers in a variety of colours and sizes. If you know the model of spa pool you own then we can supply the new cover.  If you don't then we can come out and take a pattern to ensure the right size and shape is supplied.

New Zealand made

  • All our hardcovers are New Zealand made
  • They are constructed for New Zealand conditions
  • The covers are proven after 25 years of manufacturing

How it works

  • The hardcover sits on the top rim of the spa
  • It acts like the lid on a pot to trap heat


  • Can be used on both residential and commercial spas


  • Made by inserting two high strength polystyrene foam sheets into a vinyl outer
  • The bottom of the cover is made of chlorine resistant PE plastic to eliminate bleaching
  • The handles are internally strengthened
  • The tie downs are strengthened and adjustable
  • Locking mechanisms are fitted to limit access to the spa
  • We use proven UV resistant vinyl (proven over 17 years of use).
  • The central hinge is strengthened
  • The internal foams are supported across the centre with an aluminium channel
  • The internal foams have a 100 to 50mm taper to prevent ponding on the surface of the cover

Cover care

  • Never shock dose the spa while the cover remains on
  • Never dose the spa with algaecides while the cover remains on
  • Never drag the hardcover
  • Use of a cover lifter will extend the life of the cover
  • To clean the vinyl use mild soapy water and rinse with fresh water


What is the life expectancy of a BMH spa hard cover? Approximately 8 years subject to customer care.

How effective is a hardcover at retaining heat? Spa hard covers have a thermal resistance (R) value of 2.28 and virtually eliminate evaporation. This enables hard covers to save up to 70% of the pool heating energy requirements

What sized spas can be covered with a spa hardcover? The majority of spas are under 2400mm x 2400mm square and are simple to cover. Larger covers can be made but may need modifications. Call us to discuss further. Please be aware that while larger covers are possible, they are physically hard to handle and are therefore prone to damage.

Are there any spa shapes that cant be covered? To date no - hard covers can be custom fitted to almost all spas.


Can we walk on the cover? Cover construction is a compromise between being strong and durable and being light enough to lift on and off on a daily basis. The life of the cover will be extended if everyone (pets and kids included) stays off the cover.

Do I need a cover on an indoor pool? Yes - covers significantly reduce indoor condensation as well as saving heat loss.



Three year limited warranty - we are the agent for BMH (Auckland) - this warranty covers  faulty material & workmanship - this is based upon you returning the cover to Auckland.


List of Patterns - held by our supplier BMH: