Fire Service Tarpaulins

Telephone: 03 546 6809


Light, Bright & Durable

Used for covering furniture to protect from water damage, covering objects to provide privacy and covering the ground to keep equipment clean, these Fire Service tarps are handy and good value for money.


3.6m x 3.6m


Fluro orange/white


1.5m Nylon Ropes and double eyelets


Only 8kgs so easy to throw over objects


Fabric Properties

Weight 480gsm
Base Cloth Polyester 210 Denier
Weave 9cm x 9cm
Coating PVC laminate coated
Surface Finish Gloss finish
Tear Strength 170/145N
 Tensile Strength 780/590N
 Adhesion 40 Newtons per 50mm minimum
 Flexing 400,000 cycles minimum AS 1441.6
 Ease of repair PVC is very easy to repair
TM Covers Fire Service Tarpaulins Brochure
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