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I've been meaning to email to say thank you for the cover. It fits perfectly and is exactly what we were after.

C. Wellington

During the winter months it is good to cover your outdoor furniture.  You've invested a lot of money into good quality furniture so it makes sense to protect it from the weather when it's not in use.


We make a huge variety of covers &, over time, have figured out which fabrics are the best for the job.


The fabric choices are: acrylic canvas, 100% solution dyed polyester or PVC.  What you choose comes down to visual appearance, durability, weight & colour choice.  We'll help you decide.  What we can promise is that it will last for many years & it will look good for many years - we know this because we've been making them for decades.

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Telephone 03 546 6809

Email sales@tmcovers.co.nz

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