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Thank you for the prompt service and also the very tidy workmanship. We are very pleased with the job. I gave the woodwork also a bit of a spruce-up and the end result is pretty good for 25 year old plus? furniture.  Kind regards   UR, Auckland


Re-covered Old Outdoor Chairs

New canvas chair covers transform your wooden outdoor furniture. The latest trend in outdoor decoration is to mix and match - choose different colours for each chair or take it a step further and have different bottoms and backs - the choice is yours! For me, I'm choosing black and white striped backs and lime green bottoms - it's like a pick 'n' mix!


Please see below for the Planosol and Sauleda Acrylic Canvas swatches

Gym Mats, Pole Pads, Sleeping Pads

Don't throw that old foam mat away. We regularly re-cover gym pads, sleeping mats and other sports equipment and they look and function just like new.  We can also make you new pads in a variety of shapes and sizes - there is no limit to what we see and make!


We make new tramp mats on playgrounds - both indoor and outdoor. 

Outdoor Furniture Covers

Under Cover

I've been meaning to email to say thank you for the cover. It fits perfectly and is exactly what we were after.

C. Wellington

Outdoor Furniture Protective Covers
Outdoor Furniture Protective Covers

Outdoor furniture is a considerable investment and during the winter months when you are not using it, cover it up to make it last. You can throw a cheap plastic tarp over it and lie in bed at night listening to it flap or get us to make a stylish cover in the fabric of your choice which fits your furniture as well as looking great.


We make no apologies that our outdoor furniture covers are more expensive than the ones you buy readymade - they don't go purple or grey after a year or two. In fact, you'll get 5 - 10 years out of them & they'll look fantastic.  A general price guide is $350 - $500 for a 100% Solution Dyed Polyester table cover & $450 - $700 on an acrylic canvas one.



When your garden is looking drab & colourless in winter, make a focal point & go colourful with your furniture cover - take a look at the fabric swatches & photos below.


Outdoor Cushions

Colour Splash

Outdoor Cushions & Squab
Outdoor Cushions & Squab

Available in a gorgeous range of outdoor fabrics, our scatter cushions measure 45cm x 45cm. Made with a heavy duty zip, they will stand up to the demands of outside living. Use them as a splash of colour to brighten up your outdoor areas or even on your window seats - the UV resistant fabric ensures they'll last in the harsh New Zealand sun.


Don't rush in and out throwing the cushions on your outdoor furniture every time you want to use it - these fabrics are made to be outside - leave them alone to look fabulous!


Please see below for the Warwick and Sunbrella furniture fabric swatches.

Squab Covers

Make It Yours

Warwick Coolum Collection of Outdoor Fabrics
Warwick Coolum Collection of Outdoor Fabrics

Outside on your patio furniture or inside on your window seats, the fabric we sell is well suited to either location.  When you buy your outside furniture you usually get to choose from black, grey or beige squab covers.... Boring!  Show some of who you are by choosing a different look - make your outdoor areas your own.  The variety of fabrics we have in our showroom is incredible - we can help you or you can borrow some sample books to take home and debate for hours over a glass of wine which one is you.


Please see below for the Warwick and Sunbrella furniture fabric swatches.

Cleaning & Protecting Patio Furniture

303 Fabric Cleaner Spray
303 Fabric Cleaner Spray

When cleaning and preparing your patio furniture, it’s important to always use the correct tools. You’ll want to select products that can both clean and protect your outdoor furniture against harmful environmental factors, including soil, bird droppings and sun degradation. In addition, you’ll want to use products that are versatile enough to be used on a wide range of indoor items too, such as your living room sofa. Follow these easy steps and you should have no problem getting your patio ready to go!

Clean All Surfaces

Start by vacuuming or brushing off any loose debris from your furniture. To quickly and safely remove any stubborn stains from your outdoor furniture, apply 303 Indoor & Outdoor Furniture Cleaner. The cleaner is suitable for use on many materials commonly found in outdoor furniture, including plastic, vinyl, resin, metal, teak, all-weather wicker and powder coated frames. Simply spray the cleaning solution on each surface, and use a soft-bristle brush to agitate the surface.  Then just rinse, and repeat if necessary to remove any really stubborn stains. It is safe for all water-safe materials and will make your outdoor furniture shine like new.

303 Outdoor Furniture Protectant
303 Outdoor Furniture Protectant

Protect Hard Surfaces

Once you have properly cleaned your furniture and let it dry, you will want to protect it from the elements. Applying a product like 303 Indoor/Outdoor Protectant to hard surfaces will help repel dirt, stains, and make future cleanings much easier! Originally designed for aviation use, this quality water-based protectant will provide a beautiful finish on a huge variety of everyday items, including outdoor furniture and equipment. It contains no alcohol, petroleum distillates or harmful silicone oils, which can dry out surfaces or leave them feeling greasy. It also prevents discoloration and cracking while drying to a clear matte finish. 

303 Fabric Guard
303 Fabric Guard

Protect Fabric Surfaces

Fabric surfaces are the most delicate and vulnerable elements of your outdoor furniture. If you want to protect them from water and other stains, you can apply 303® Fabric Guard . This product is especially designed to keep fabrics fresh, soft and breathable, while also providing a powerful water-repellant coating. It also helps to prevent stains, keeping fabrics crisp and clean. Just spray 303® Fabric Guard over the material in a well-ventilated area until it is evenly wet and leave to dry for 6 – 12 hours. 

If you properly clean and protect your furniture throughout the year, you can be sure that it will look great and last longer!


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