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 "The lagging went on perfectly. The customer was very pleased with the end result and it insulated very well. 

Will be sure to use your company again."


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General Marine Services, Auckland

Made here in our factory in Nelson,  our exhaust/pipe insulation is sent all over New Zealand & overseas.  We fabricate off your plans.  You'll even find our insulation down in Antarctica.


All products are fabricated from top quality materials that can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Longevity & value for money is the approach we take.


Our blankets are sewn using high temperature thread and secured using stainless steel wire with stainless steel lacing anchors and backing washers. We use stainless steel mesh as a backing so that the blankets resist chafing on high vibration areas.


The outer layers of textile can be either a PU Coated wire-reinforced E-glass fabric layer that stops any moisture getting into the blanket & is able to withstand 550°C continuous temperature or Silicone coated fibreglass fabric that is resistant to oil, water & general chemicals of acid or alkali with a maximum 260°C temperature.


The inner blanket is E-Glass needle mat also able to withstand 550 °C working temperature. Available in 12mm or 25mm thicknesses.


Modular – made up in convenient size panels or sections which can easily be installed or removed by your own crew/team with basic knowledge of exhaust insulation removal/fitting procedure – only the required blankets have to be removed to enable a particular maintenance or inspection job to be done. After service/maintenance the blanket can be replaced without special tools.


Although slightly more expensive than permanent metal insulation, it becomes more and more economical every time you remove and replace a module. These blankets are ideal for engine manifolds, turbochargers, flexes, expansion joints, valves of all types, pipes, flanges, sight glasses and also any equipment that has to be repaired/serviced on a regular basis.


Whether the measurements are taken on-site or plans are supplied, the blankets are made at our factory, and then installed by our team or by your crew.


Insulation Benefits

  • Enhances worker safety
  • Maximises effectiveness of catalytic converters & therefore fuel consumption
  • Reduces ambient heat
  • Protects heat sensitive equipment
  • Reduces possibility of fires
  • Provides a better working environment
  • Sustainable - less waste & long lasting


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