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"Meant to ring you today to say a very big THANKYOU for completing the new area outside the staffroom.  The shade sails look fabulous. The colours and design are GREAT!!  The kids were so excited about it all today!!  Many thanks.



Richmond Primary School



Stay Cool at School

Designed for your school, shade sails will protect your children from harmful UV whilst creating a focal point of colour & coolness to draw them in.

Hampden Street School, Nelson
Hampden Street School, Nelson

Shade sails are tensioned fabric membranes that, whilst functional, can be angled, overlapped, joined, shaped and twisted into a virtually limitless variety of soaring, sleek forms.


Shade sails (sun shades) are made in fabrics that are manufactured especially for the purpose.  They are tensioned on stainless steel wire with turnbuckles and shackles attaching them to the support structure.  They are tensioned very tight to ensure they do not flap and the water runs off them.  Shade sails need to be sloped for efficient water run off - which direction they slope is dependent on where the wind and sun are and also where you want the water to run to.


They are best when attached to posts however roof and wall brackets are possible where there is sufficient strength in your building.



There are four different fabric choices - each of which have a different look and functionality:


Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is a HDPE fabric and, being loose woven, is porous which helps to avoid water pooling in the sail.  The shade is recorded at up to 95% under the sail and the UV filtering effect is recorded at up to 97% - shade and UV protection is different depending on colour choice.  The fabrics we recommend have a manufacturers limited warranty for 10 years against deterioration in the fabric structure. Some of the brands we carry are fire resistant.  If this is required by you, please ensure you inform us so we can point you towards those fabrics.


Waterproof Shade Cloth

Waterproof shade cloth is shade cloth which has a waterproof coating on the underside.  It looks from the top exactly like a traditional shade sail fabric.


Architectural PVC

Architectural PVC fabric is waterproof.  It a heavier weight fabric and therefore needs a more robust support system to attach to. Architectural fabrics have a limited warranty of between three and five years although in reality, a much greater life is achieved given normal wear and tear.  Most of these fabrics are fire resistant - please advise us if this is required.


Outdoor Polyester Mesh

Outdoor Polyester Mesh is the same fabric we use for our outdoor blinds and is used for shade in a non-tensioned structure. This tends to be found in roll-out horizontal blinds which are rolled back in when not in use or on structures not requiring highly tensioned shade sails. Outdoor mesh has a limited warranty of between five and ten years depending on the fabric chosen.  UV blockout is up to 90%. Most of these fabrics are Fire Resistant - please advise us if this is required.


We use a UV resistant thread and all hardware associated with the tensioned sails and supplied by us is in stainless steel.


We stock Comshade, Tropicana, PolyFX, Rainbow Z16, Solartex SP and Extrablock shade cloth fabrics. In architectural PVC we stock Ferrari, Polystar F/R, AP1000, Sedo Gamma, Contender Diamond 700, Duraskin and Mehler. In outdoor mesh we stock Shade View, Sahara, Oasis, and Ferrari.  


No project is too big or too small for our designs, most of which are based on suspended tension systems.


Each site is different in terms of shade sail design and structural integrity.  We have 27 years of experience in the outdoor fabric industry so we can help you achieve what is best for you.  We provide a free measure and quote service which includes an on-site visit to find out your requirements and discuss what options are available.  We can provide computer drawings to show you exactly what your shade sails will look like. 


We will then produce a written quote which specifies precisely what we are quoting.  We have worked with many schools and preschools over the years and schedule our work to fit with your timetable. 


Talk to us now about how we can make a difference for you.


Comshade Shade Sail Fabric Brochure
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Extrablock Shade Sail Fabric Information & Colour Swatches
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Z16 Shade Cloth Colour Swatcch
Z16 Flyer 2014.pdf
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Z16, DriZ & Extreme 32 Specifications
DriZ is waterproof shade sail fabric
Z16, DriZ & Extreme 32 Specs.pdf
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Mehler Architectural PVC
Mehler Valmex FR580S.pdf
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