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Ace Nayland Preschool, Nelson
Ace Nayland Preschool, Nelson

Keep unwanted visitors out of your sandpit.  Our sandpit covers are made to fit your sandpit and keep it safe for your children to play in.


We generally make sandpit covers out of PVC mesh.  This fabric allows the water to pass through but keeps leaves, dirt and animals out.  By allowing the water to filter through rather than sitting on top of the cover, it will last many years keeping your sandpit clean and safe.


Our fabrics have a high level of UV resistancy to make sure they last in the harsh New Zealand sun.  Our tie-down system uses bungy cord, making it easy to get the cover on and off.  It can be used on any concrete or timber surface.  We also make covers with chain sewn into the seams - these can be put on and taken off easily with the chain holding the cover in place.  Either way - the choice is yours and we are happy to make it suit your conditions.


Other fabric options are available if required - you may wish for a non- permeable cover.


From a simple mesh cover which is held down by bungy cord and anchors through to a fully enclosed sandpit, we've made a huge variety.

Scargill Playgroup Sandpit Cover with chains around the edge
"The Playgroup kids had their first go in their beautifully covered sandpit on Wednesday. It was so cool to have access to the all of the sand instead of just half of it and the Mums found it really easy to pull off and on :) Thanks again, Megan"


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