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Whilst we are based in Nelson, we can ship umbrellas to anywhere in New Zealand.

Shade 7 Tempest Umbrella
Shade 7 Tempest Umbrella

Umbrellas make a good alternative when you want a centre pole with shade extending out from there.  These Tempest umbrellas are extremely strong & they extend upwards when they fold so that they are more secure. 


We supply cantilevered & centre pole umbrellas from Shade 7. We also supply wooden market umbrellas from Lethabys.  They are all available in a variety of colours.  Please refer to the details below.



Shade 7 Umbrellas

Shade 7 Tempest 5m Umbrella
Shade 7 Tempest 5m Umbrella

Tempest Umbrella


This heavy duty giant telescopic umbrella is built super-strong & is engineered to withstand wind gusts of 80kph.  The canopy arms are made from reinforced aluminium that is connected to an impressive 94mm mast with internal reinforcing channels for extra strength.  The tempest is quite simply the best non-permanet umbrella on the market today.


Tempest Advantages

  • Maintenance-free, long-life with winding handle system
  • All materials are fully corrosion resistant
  • Telescopic mechanism opens & closes easily above furniture
  • Extremely sturdy & robust - wind rated to 80kph
  • Huge canopies provide maximum shade protection
  • Multiple umbrellas can be joined with removeable gutter system
  • Non-permanent installation - can be removed from mounting if required

Lethaby Wooden Market Umbrellas

Wooden Market Umbrella
Wooden Market Umbrella

Wooden Market Umbrellas


Round wooden market umbrella, top end frame due to the heavy duty ribs and main pole. Fixtures solid brass or aluminium covered in brass, no rusting. Great Sun Umbrella with 100% UV blocking.

  • 8 Heavy Duty Ribs 20mm x 30mm
  • 48mm split main pole
  • Brass pulley system
  • Brass L Clips to stop the rib rubbing through the fabric
  • Brass pin & chain
  • Planosol fabric, has a 5 year warranty. If left outside it will show little to no fading in 5 years
  • Clean and Guard the fabric with our 303 products
  • These umbrellas can be repaired
  • All sizes come with a 3 year warranty on the frame.
Shade 7 Tempest Umbrellas
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Planosol Market Umbrellas - Lethaby
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