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We are specialist designer fabricators and suppliers of clear PVC and mesh blinds for outdoor areas in Nelson, Golden Bay. Blenheim, Marlborough and the West Coast.

Leaps & Bounds, Christchurch
Leaps & Bounds, Christchurch

Channel-It is the system we use for our roller blinds. Gone are the days when you only have the choice of manual blinds - with these blinds you simple turn the removable handle and the blind rolls up.  You have a choice of blinds with or without channels down each side depending on the location you are installing them in.


Blinds with the channels have no gaps on either side - the blind is wound down, secured by a choice of side locks or floor locks and then back wound to give a smooth, tight finish to the blind ensuring you are warm and protected.


Blinds without channels function the same way as ones with channels however there is a gap of approximately 50mm on each side.  For aesthetic, structural and cost reasons, blinds without channels are sometimes the best option - it is your choice which one you choose.


Whatever you decide; enclosing an area or simply screening an exposed side of  your patio, outdoor blinds create outdoor rooms for  you to relax in and enjoy.


Simple, good looking and robust - customers who have installed these blinds have loved them!


Talk to us now about how we can make a difference for you.

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