COVID-19 Protection

People & Equipment

Flexible, Clear PVC Face Shields

Protect your face - from other people & from your own hands

Tough Face Shields that last - we know this - we've been using this PVC for decades.


  • Flexible = Comfortable with an elastic headband.  You can move your head without bumping rigid plastic into your chest or shoulders every time you move
  • Easy to Clean = We all have soapy water
  • Covers Your Face = Protects you from people, Stops you touching your face
  • Trim to Size = Fits all people
  • Re-usable = Good for the budget, good for the Environment
  • Locally made = Your decision - do you want to support New Zealand's economy or another country?
  • Fire Retardant PVC = Safer


Wash in soapy water, rinse in clean water & wear - again & again.


Made in New Zealand from materials from New Zealand & Japan.


Email here for further details.


Right now we need to protect our people - people working to supply us with the essential goods & services to keep New Zealand functioning, people shopping to provide food for their 'bubble' & people caring for others who cannot be part of the bubble they'd like to be in.


We make, and have been making PVC products for decades now. We have generally made them for industrial equipment protection, separation screens for labs & industrial premises,  schools, preschools, restaurants & homes.


Now the call is out to get them out there to protect New Zealanders everywhere.





PVC - clear or solid is perfect for protecting 'things'.  Easy & smooth to clean - spray & wipe - no fiddly bits to clean around. 



Cover, Separate, Clean & Protect

  • People
  • Products
  • Equipment


Email us now - we can make to your requirements - keep it simple & it works out REALLY cost-effective. We can provide a simple screen system with eyelets along a reinforced top for you to hang from your ceiling.  If you want equipment covers, send us the measurements.


We are a small New Zealand team who are fighting to keep our company, country & jobs alive.  We are working from home on the smaller products & then only a couple of us at a time in the factory for larger products.  




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