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We are specialist designer fabricators and suppliers of clear PVC and mesh blinds for outdoor areas in Nelson, Golden Bay. Blenheim, Marlborough, West Coast & all over New Zealand.

Clear Blinds, Nelson
Clear Blinds, Nelson

Our manual roll-up outdoor blinds are custom made in our factory in Nelson.  They are the most cost-effective system of outdoor blinds we offer and as such, we have made and installed many of them over the years.  Attached to your structure at the top with rope track, they are very versatile in the way they are attached at the sides and bottom.  You can use bungy and hook them on to your side supports or, alternatively attach them at the bottom, or both sides and bottom.  We can also install zips onto your side supports and create a closed area which can be unzipped.  If you have more than one blind they can be zipped together - straight across and around corners too. Now you can see why we sell lots and lots of these blinds!

At the bottom of each blind is an aluminium tube in a pocket - this keeps the blinds nice and flat.


If you choose clear or tinted PVC, then all four edges are reinforced with fire resistant coloured PVC - we have a huge range of colours to choose from.  it all depends on the look you desire.


With mesh blinds, there is also a wide range of both textures and colours - I'm still waiting for them to introduce lime green...



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