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Nood, Nelson
Nood, Nelson

As well as providing shade and protecting your interiors from damaging UV, awnings cut out glare.  In commercial situations, awnings can be used both as an advertising medium with your branding on them and as a way to entice people in to your business through colour and style catching customer's attention.


Commercial awnings can also help reduce energy costs in your building in the form of reducing energy used for cooling and refrigeration systems. Research shows that stopping the sun from hitting your windows is more effective in cooling than internal blinds or curtains.


We supply and fit commercial awnings with many design options. Awnings can be based on fixed frames, usually fabricated in aluminium section, or extendable systems which can be operated manually or motorised - the choice is yours.


We have a large range of fabrics that are suitable for commercial awnings depending on location and purpose.


There a variety of factors to consider when selecting an awning:

  • the orientation of the sun and the amount of shade you desire
  • the projection of the awning when fully opened - this varies by which system you choose
  • the dimensions of the area you wish to shade
  • ensuring that the the structure you want to mount the awning on is of sufficient strength to hold the weight of the awning
  • the colour and fabric to create the look you are seeking


We will quote on any form of awning that you require. Please refer to the tabs on the top right of this page for different types.



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Awning Repairs, Cleaning and Rebranding

Montgomery Square Awnings Being Cleaned
Montgomery Square Awnings Being Cleaned

We also clean and repair existing commercial awnings; we can remove and re-install or we can work with your installers. Shop tenants do change over time and we can make new valances with the new branding on to match the existing awning.  Please just let us know your requirements and we can provide a solution for you.

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