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Category Winner of 2017 OFPANZ Award of Excellence for Emerging Innovation - Acoustic Project

With a warranty of 10 years* & life expectancy of more than 20 years, our European-designed acoustic membrane represents a sustainable solution: absorbing, on average, 65% of the noise without the need for other absorbent materials such as mineral wool or plastic foam.
Golden Bay Recreation Centre Main Gymnasium Acoustic Panels
Golden Bay Recreation Centre Main Gymnasium Acoustic Panels

Its unique 65% sound absorption coefficient makes our PVC  acoustic mesh your ideal ally in places where the reverberation time is a real issue.


The textured aspect and matt finish harmonize perfectly with the concept of your design and allow you to play with the other materials in the room or the light, whether natural or through artificial lights.


Ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible, it is ideal for covering double curvature vaults and creating slopes.

Robust and compact at the same time, it offers total freedom of shapes and volumes.



Both professionals and internal technical services can install the mesh. No need to spend time and money on maintenance, it is designed to minimize this - a highly valuable quality in any public establishment where hygiene is a must. It is insensitive to damp, chlorine & micro-organisms.


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Acoustic Walls & Ceilings

Serge Ferrari
Serge Ferrari

High Performance Acoustic Comfort

The calibrated micro-texture ensures its unique sound absorption performance characteristics for such a fine, lightweight, compact material:

  • highly uniform acoustic behaviour ranging from treble to bass sounds
  • significant reduction in reverberation time
  • solution adapted to comfort requirements for public buildings


Design & Creativity

Woven finish:

  • directly inspired by contemporary architectural trends
  • able to be custom coloured
  • customizable with digital printing

Light & flexible, it is ideal for:

  • creating slopes & curves
  • complex shapes & very large, unsupported spans

A Reliable, Durable Membrane

It meets building technical requirements & guarantees structural durability through its exclusive qualities:

  • High mechanical resistance to deformation & impacts
  • Little interference to site work - quick & easy to install
  • Ability to with stand moist & chlorine environments
  • Washable
  • Lightweight building system - only 620gsm
  • Breaking strength of 5 tonnes per metre
  • Woven aspect, customisable through digital printing & dyeing
  • 100% recyclable: Texyloop® patented process
  • * Limited 10 year warranty  (please refer to the Warranty document)

Case Study - Urban Oyster Bar & Eatery

No panic - we will attach it to the ceiling...
No panic - we will attach it to the ceiling...

Matt & Tania have created a very happening bar in Nelson, New Zealand.  That kind of success creates a lot of noise.


To introduce the acoustic mesh to the hospitality industry, Matt & Tania agreed to be our test case. Locals supporting locals - we're lucky that way in Nelson.


Not only did the mesh stop the echoing of the noise around the bar, it enabled Matt to fine tune the music mix to suit the mood that night.


Head on down if you are in Nelson, put your elbows on the bar & enjoy the ever-changing menu & great atmosphere.